Shipments to Brazil

It is mandatory for all shipments to Brazil (except documents) to be customs cleared, and as such are subject to duties / taxes regardless of commodity. All consignments must therefore have a valid tax ID number : CNPJ for companies and CPF for individuals. Any consignment being received without a valid tax ID number will be held until one is provided. It would also aid delivery for all consignments to have a consignee telephone number.

Non Doc Shipments

Please note, for all non-document shipments; please ensure that the item/items in your consignments is correctly identified on a Proforma or commercial invoice. Please attach this with your airway bill to assist with customs clearance. This will help to ease any customs delays.

Too Vague Acceptable
Clothing Shirts, Pants, Jackets, Sweat shirts, trousers, skirt etc.
Stationary Pens, Pencil, Note books, Files, Printed Matter
Electrical goods Computers, smart-phones, CD Players, Monitors, Printers, walkers, Tape recorder, etc.

International Export License Check

Consignments to the follow sensitive areas valued at over £865 may now require a UK (LIC99) – Strategic Export License.

  • Afghanistan
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Yemen

These commodities include IT equipment, works of art, antiques, printed matter, cultural goods and paintings.

To check if your item requires a export license please visit if no export license is required, customers need to endorse this on the invoice or provide a statement on letterhead confirming the commodity being exported does not require a export license.

Documents to Russia

Please note the following changes to Russian Customs Regulation effective 1st June 2011 which may affect the delivery of your consignment.

The following threshold limits have been introduced for documents and printed matter shipments.

  • Shipments over 2kg cannot be declared as documents – these must now be declared as printed matter and a non doc surcharge will be applicable.
  • Document shipments of less than 2kgs and printed matter of less than 5kgs (gross) will not be subject to import duties/VAT
  • Shipments including printed matter over 5kgs and low value/ promotional goods i.e .CD`s DVD`s etc, will not be liable for duties and taxes providing there has been a pre-alert on the consignment as either DDP (delivered duty paid) or DAP (delivered at place formally DDU delivered duty unpaid)). Consignments arriving without a pre-alert will be classified as DAP and held at customs pending contact with the consignee to arrange payment at delivery destination.
  • Please note that DAP service not available to private importers or for deliveries out of area.

Please do not hesitate to contact the office should you require further clarification of these changes

Rgds - V.Caynes

Turkish Customs Regulations Change

We would like to advise all customers of the recent changes to the clearance of goods now being implemented by Turkish Customs.

Any consignment falling within the following categories will be classified as "High Value" and as such the following procedure must be followed.


1. For re-sale in Turkey/p>

2. Weights over 30 kilos

3. has a clearance value of over £1400

- A (POA) Power of Attorney must be obtained from the consignee to authorise clearance

We would therefore urge all customers to advise us of any consignment that may potentially fall within the "High Value" category, prior to confirmation of the booking so that we can ensure its chances of clearance prior to shipping.

It must be noted that shipments can sit in the customs freight sheds or bonded areas for some time whilst paperwork is processed or prepared prior to the consignment being released, and that storage / demurrage charges may occur if the correct entry procedure is not followed.

Shipments falling outside of the "High Value" category will be cleared as normal. -V.Caynes